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How many times have you asked your gardener to fix your sprinklers?? Seems like they end up making matters worse.

Your Gardener is not a Sprinkler Technician, He is a Gardener!

Troubleshoot and find the problem...


My name is Carlos and I have been on the retail side of irrigation in the San Fernando Valley for the last 15 years. I have seen gardeners come and go with no idea to what they are doing with regard to irrigation problems. They have been coming to me for advice.

After dealing with this situation for so many years, I have decided to offer a service to people in need of irrigation help. With an extensive background in irrigation, I can troubleshoot your system with state of the art equipment. I take out all the guess work and will explain the problem to you.

From programming clocks to valve replacement, no job is to big or to small.

Founded with a desire to exceed our client’s expectations, The Sprinkler Tech is dedicated to assisting you with all your irrigation needs.

Large or small, all of our clients benefit from our systematic approach to irrigation repair.

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